No doubt buying stuff on Amazon has gotten pretty convenient. You type in what you need, hit the search button, pick your favorite – usually the one with the little Prime checkmark – and *BAM* in one or two days you’ve got a brand new whatever it is you needed.

With just about everything being sold on the massive online retailer, it seems like you should be able to find real CBD Oil on Amazon no problem..

But that’s not how it works. Yes, a quick search of “CBD Oil” on Amazon reveals thousands of products, many loaded with positive reviews and even that get-it-now Prime checkmark. Amazon is quick to let you know that you can get your 3000 mg “Hemp Oil” in two days or less…but what happens when you try it only to realize it wasn’t what you needed?

This is the reality of buying CBD Oil on Amazon: As Amazon’s seller policies currently stand, all CBD Oil on Amazon is either intentionally misleading you or on its way out.

Curious how we can make such a bold claim? Read on to learn about the CBD landscape and the difference between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil on Amazon..

The Trick Is This. Amazon’s Seller Policy CLEARLY Prohibits The Sale Of CBD Oil

We’ll link you to Amazon’s Seller Policy on CBD, but the shortened version of Article 9.i. on Drug Products and Ingredients goes something like this:

Listings for products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are prohibited, including but not limited to:

But why aren’t they allowing CBD Oil sales on Amazon?

As of 2019 Amazon has yet to comment on this. It’s possible that Amazon is playing it cautious, even after the 2018 Farm Bill, and they don’t want the responsibility of monitoring CBD vendors and any following future FDA regulations.

Whatever the case, it’s clear that any CBD vendors working through Amazon is cutting corners and likely dodging seller policies left and right.

Any product that shows up under “CBD Oil” on Amazon has been deliberately positioned by the vendor’s item-tagging and is probably either one of two things:

  1. CBD Oil being sold as Hemp Oil on Amazon, disguised by removing “CBD Oil” on the label.
  2. Hemp Seed Oil sold on name recognition alone, containing 0% CBD but misleadingly packaged to look like CBD Oil.

So if you’re buying CBD Oil on Amazon, how do you tell the difference? 

That’s the problem. Without 3rd party testing data from Amazon Vendors, there’s no way to tell the difference between the real CBD and “fake” CBD Oil on Amazon.

Product often being sold in CBD’s place is Hemp Oil, aka Hemp Seed Oil.

Real quick here’s how to tell the difference between CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil:

CBD Oil vs. Hemp Seed Oil. Can You Go Wrong?

As we’ve covered before, Hemp Seed Oil was a Superfood long before any Farm Bill Act.

Often praised for its nutty cooking flavor, Hemp Seed Oil is frequently used as a dietary supplement for the healthy fatty acids it provides. But Hemp Seed Oil contains little to no CBD

(It’s also significantly cheaper to produce)

Hemp Seed Oil, also technically called Hemp Oil or Cannabis Sativa Oil, is made by pressing the seeds of the Hemp plant to extract an oil similar to almond oil. The oil is a clear-to-slightly-dark-green liquid.

And it looks a lot like CBD Oil.

The difference is CBD Oil is made from the whole Hemp plant, with specific focus on preserving CBD content. For Pharm Organic’s CBD, we use a clean CO2 extraction process to preserve both the Cannabidiol and the entire Terpene profile.

Anyways just by looking at the bottle, it’s impossible to tell the difference between CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil – they’re alike in taste, smell, and color.

That’s why:

–CBD Content is essentially what separates CBD Oil from Hemp Oil–

And that’s why your CBD product needs to pass 3rd party testing

Considering vendors on Amazon are technically not allowed to sell CBD, you may have a hard time getting these docs that downright prove they’re in violation..

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Hemp Extract, Hemp Oil, Cannabis Sativa Oil, etc..

The bottom line is this. Unless you have lab results that prove the CBD content of your product, that Hemp Oil/maybe CBD you’re checking out on Amazon could be one of a thousand vendors trying to sell you something else at a 4x markup.

You could track down each vendor and request a lab report, but get ready to encounter roadblocks!

So I Shouldn’t Get My CBD On Amazon.. What Now?

You may be able to jump the hoops of requesting CBD reports from Amazon vendors but those reports also might leave out other vital data such as test results on toxic metals and pesticides..

In recent FDA hearings, concerns were raised over CBD being sold online as having the “highest lead content above any consumer products in this category.” 

With the explosive uptick in CBD interest online, you can be sure the FDA is working hard to set consumer-safe regulations soon. But until they give out guidelines, it’s up to the consumer to request full Lab Reports on their CBD.

Fortunately, 3rd party tests on Pharm Organics have proven our advertised amount of CBD is accurate. We also lab test for heavy metals like Lead, residue solvents like ethanol and other harmful substances, and our market products always pass these stringent detailed tests.

You can check the exhaustive data in our Full Lab Reports Here.

Interest in CBD is building this year. It’s almost too easy to hop on Amazon and order the quickest thing that will ship to you.. We understand the temptation.

However we’re also aware that Hemp Oil on Amazon might not work as expected – likely because it was 0% CBD Hemp Seed Oil all along. An unfortunate situation but not enough to write off CBD altogether..

Have you found your go-to CBD Vendor yet? 

We don’t need to talk-up the reported benefits of CBD Oil. If you’re unfamiliar, a quick browse on Google will tell you everything you need to know.

But if you’re interested in trying CBD out for yourself we can only suggest one thing:

Make sure you know what your CBD vendor is up to.

That means they aren’t using shifty tactics like that little blue Prime checkmark to move their product.

Having a CBD vendor you can trust means they come ready and equipped with full lab reports, they are transparent about their processes, and they consistently deliver a high-quality product.  

Might we suggest Pharm Organics

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