CBD Oil for migraines

Managing Migraines Naturally. Is Using CBD Oil for Migraines Effective?

Botox, Electroshocks, Cannabis, and CBD.. The hunt for alternative migraine solutions goes to some unexpected places! Does CBD Oil work for migraines? We dove in deep to find out what the research says..

Can I Use CBD Oil for Migraines?

If you suffer from migraine headaches, solving (or preventing) this problem is likely at the top of your list. Migraines affect the head with a throbbing pain, often including a sensitivity to light and sound plus a horrible feeling of nausea.

Sometimes the pain can only be described as “unbearable”.

Not something you want to experience ever (not to mention daily.) It’s easy to see why the treatment of migraines has grown to costing $17 Billion in the United States alone.

What Causes Migraines and Can It Be Remedied Naturally?

About 12% of Americans are susceptible to migraines, with women 3x more likely to get them than men.

What causes Migraines? While headaches have a variety of causes — stress usually a main culprit — research suggests that people are genetically disposed to migraines with “trigger factors” ranging from anxiety to certain foods that sets them off. 

The majority of treatment focuses on pain relief, but prevention includes all sorts of remedies. The FDA has approved options ranging from Botox injections that reduce migraine severity, to even a migraine-preventing electrical nerve stimulation device.

..You read that right. It’s a machine that you tape to your head. Then it shocks you. AND evidence suggests that it works.

You can gather that if someone has migraine headaches, they really don’t want them. With the interest building around CBD, especially its anti-inflammatory properties, people have begun to started to buy CBD online to help their migraine problem.

With natural sourcing and overall minimal side-effects, CBD seems like a solution heaven-sent. 

But does it solve the problem?

Cannabis, Before It Was A Taboo.

The history of cannabis as headache relief is long running and very positive lineage.

Let us explain..

Cannabis has been used as headache relief for over 4,000 years, the Assyrian royalty using it to “bind the temples.”

It doesn’t stop there! Cannabis was commonly used to treat headaches in the 19th century, clinical publications mentioning a careful adjustment to dosage until relief could be felt.

If you’re interested, you can read more about historical mentions of cannabis for headache relief on the U.S. National Institute of Health .gov site.

Ancient Remedy Meets Modern Research

Fast-forward a couple years and research into cannabis slowed to a halt thanks to prohibition. A miraculous relief option turned incriminating substance…definitely a step backward.

However, thanks to the cultural shift, we’re finally starting to conduct research on the possibility of cannabis and CBD as a migraine remedy. 

So far research has mostly been conducted on cannabis including both CBD and THC. Here’s what they have found.

Cannabis and Headache Relief:

– In a study at the University of Colorado, 121 people who got regular migraine headaches used marijuana daily to prevent attacks. About 40% of them said the number of migraine headaches they got each month was cut in half.

-According to a 2015 survey taken by Care By Design—a brand of marijuana products manufactured in Sonoma County—100% of patients with headaches and migraines reported some decrease in pain or discomfort, though 37% of those users also reported decreased energy levels.

Once again, this research was testing the full cannabis experience, CBD and THC both. To date CBD research specifically targeting migraines is still waiting to be performed.

Positive Properties of CBD Hemp Oil. 

In case you didn’t know…

While we aren’t yet able to definitively say CBD oil will help or prevent your migraines, We can (and do!) advocate for the positive benefits the non-psychoactive Cannabidiol can yield. 

Primarily because it has been shown to provide relief from inflammation without heightening the risk of kidney disease.

National tests have been performed with up to 1,500 mg daily doses of CBD with no damage to the subject, internal or otherwise. That’s 150x the recommended starting dose!

Additionally, CBD oil online holds promise as a natural pain relief method due to its variety in active forms. From lotions to gummy bears, CBD works orally, topically, and is taking on many forms.

Furthermore, CBD can work as a calming agent reducing stress and anxiety. Paired with melatonin, it can even be used as a sleep aid. This could aid to manage the stress that triggers migraines in the first place.

Can you compare CBD against NSAIDS like Ibuprofen?

Read about a list of CBD Side-Effects with Pharm Organics, then compare it to the side-effects one might get from Advil or Ibuprofen. (As always, consult a doctor before switching out from any prescribed regime)

In Conclusion. Still Waiting for the Studies to Catch Up

CBD shows promise as a solution to migraines, but until formal testing gives us a conclusion, we cannot say for certain whether it will help your migraine problem.

However, as a natural substance with little side-effects and few interactions, CBD oil for headaches is an attractive choice. Ask any CBD-user and anecdotal evidence would seem to support this as well.

PharmOrganics and the CBD world is certainly keeping a close eye on research, expecting it to reveal more answers on how this interesting and miraculous cannabinoid can be used.

But until then, we need to remind you that lack of regulation is a reality in the current CBD landscape. A lot of CBD companies market less-than-advertised products, even flat-out selling Hemp Seed Oil as “premium Cannabis Sativa Oil.”

Dr. Stephen Silberstein MD, director of the Headache Center at Philadelphia’s Jefferson University Hospital, says purity of product is most important if you are thinking of using CBD for acute migraine pain.

With this in mind, PharmOrganics always tests our products and releases those tests to you. You can read up on our full lab reports here.

Currently, there are no scientific studies that prove CBD works for Migraines one way or the other. However, what we know about CBD so far suggests it would be a beneficial addition to anybody seeking natural wellness and improving the quality of their lives.

Have you tried CBD Oil for Migraines?

Did it work for you?
Let us know below!

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