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At Pharm Organics, we set out to create the finest quality CBD products – second to none. Using ethically grown hemp from our organic farm – Pharm Organics provides only the highest quality, award winning CBD products on the market.

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What is cannabidiol, or CBD?

Cannabidiol is one of the many cannabinoids and natural chemical substances found in cannabis plants. Although there are several cannabinoids, CBD and THC are the two are the most known. THC is found in large quantities in marijuana plants – it’s the cannabinoid responsible for most of the psychoactive effects that cause marijuana users to get high. Cannabidiol is found in marijuana plants at low levels but the primary source of CBD is the hemp plant, different from its cousin the marijuana plant.

How does CBD work?

Cells in our bodies have cannabinoid receptors. These protein molecules on a cell’s surface react when they come in contact with certain chemical substances. Different receptors react different to substances to cause different reactions. For instance, the release of a hormone or other chemical. The cells that react with cannabinoids comprise what’s known as the endocannabinoid system. When these receptors get activated, they exert an effect on mood, pain sensation, appetite, and other biological responses.

How to take Pharm Organics CBD oil

CBD is most commonly taken orally in a concentrated paste, capsule or drops. To take our CBD oil first hold it under your tongue to be absorbed in the mouth prior to swallowing. This step is key because some of the CBD taken will be broken down by the digestive system. Other oral methods include mouth strips, and edibles such as our gummies and candy. Many people also enjoy using CBD oil in vape pens because this quick delivery system can be extremely effective. Other use CBD oil by taking it through the skin via some of our lotions, lip balms and creams.

Pharm Organics is committed to bringing our customers the highest-grade organic CBD on the market.

Our CBD products can help you with:

CBD for nausea and vomiting

This is especially helpful for individuals enduring chemotherapy and other treatments for serious disease.

CBD is an anti-inflammatory

CBD’s bind to CB1 receptors in the body to relieve pain. CBD also has an anti-inflammatory effect that helps reduce swelling

Pharm Organics is the best CBD you can get, backed by our industry leading 30 day money back guarantee, and supported by thousands of happy customers who are raving about our products.

What’s the difference between CBD and THC?

Hemp contains naturally high levels of CBD and low levels of THC while marijuana produces low levels of CBD and high levels of THC. To get CBD oil from marijuana, special strains must be developed and hybridized, which means the oil is not being derived from a source that occurs in the nature.

Second, CBD oil from hemp is 100% legal. That means that you can buy it from Oakland. While THC has been known to cause anxiety, paranoia, and increased levels of stress along with a high, CBD actually brings about the opposite. For this reason, CBD is used more and more to treat anxiety, and depression.

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