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Getting Started with CBD

In the past few years, we’ve seen CBD (cannabidiol) evolve from a niche product into a nationwide sensation. People come to our website from all over the world to shop the many CBD products we have available

We are beyond happy that so many customers are looking for ways to introduce CBD into your daily lives. The result of this new traffic is that we get asked many different questions. But the question we get asked the most has to do with this: What’s the best way to take CBD as a first time user.

Honestly, there is no “best way”. CBD can fit all types of lifestyles, and you can enjoy it in many different ways. But to help you out and spark your creativity, let our CBD experts here at Pharm Organics explain CBD a little more.

CBD for morning meditation

Who doesn’t want a positive and mindful start of their day? The power of meditation has inspired many celebrities to take up yoga. A fifteen-minute yoga session before breakfast can boost your energy and unclog your mental pathways.

But sometimes reaching Zen might as ell be reaching for the stars. The mental effort it takes to focus on your breathing and clear your mind can seem impossible when workdays stress comes in the picture

A dropper of our popular CBD, administered under your tongue twenty minutes before your meditation, can help you strip away your worries and lower your vibrations.

Benefits of CBD

Supports joint and muscle function

Promotes tranquility

Support health skin

Support post-workout recovery

Promote internal balance

Maintain relaxed mood throughout the day

Maintain overall wellness

Help get with insomnia

1. Your daily cup of coffee

We know that you are sure you love a warm cup of coffee in the morning or midday. That lunchtime beverage opens up the perfect opportunity to use some much-needed CBD.

And if your coworkers tag along, don’t worry nobody will think twice about the pills you take at lunch. Our CBD supplements look just like any other vitamin or health product you’d buy at your local Walmart.

CBD capsules take approximately 30 minutes to an hour to kick in. That means they’ll kick in when you’re back at work and hoping for a second wind.

2. Post exercise

An after-work run is one of the best ways to burn off yet another slice of pizza or get those legs moving after sitting for twelve hours.

And sometimes, you have enough energy to get that extra mile, which his great for your fitness goas, but not so great for your knees.

Instead of your routine shower, try our CBD bath bombs. They’re full of muscle relaxing properties and have essential oils like chamomile and peppermint. With the added benefit of CBD, your weary muscles can soak, loosen up and recover faster.

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