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Looking for high quality CBD productsin El Paso? Pharm Organics offers the largest selection of CBD products at an affordable price.

Today, we have more consumable CBD options than ever before. Of the many different ways to enjoy CBD, the two most popular ways to take CBD in El Paso, by a large margin, are oils and edibles.

While both options can add calmness and balance to your daily life, the fact is your body absorbs oils and edibles completely differently. Ultimately, your decision rest on what you want to achieve by taking CBD.

But to choose the best product with any confidence, you must know how CBD oil can CBD edibles will affect you. Below, our CBD experts will show you everything you need to know about CBD edibles and oils: how they are made, their great health benefits and when to pick one over the other.

Pharm Organics – What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil (or tinctures) are the original dosing format and the most popular purchase in our customers here at Pharm Organics. That’s because the method is extremely easy, effective and fast acting.

We make our CBD oil by suspending a C02 extracted, hemp-based CBD compound into an organic MCT oil mixture. The most common method of doing CBD oil is known as sublingual administration. You simply place a few drops – or however much you desire – under your tongue for a 30 to 60 seconds, then swallow the rest.

This way, CBD absorbs directly through your mouth’s mucous membrane – soft tissue that’s rife with capillaries and acts as an on-ramp to your bloodstream. Whatever your membrane doesn’t absorb travels to your stomach and is digested there

Because each person has unique body chemistry, there’s no easy way to know your preferred dose until you try CBD out.

CBD oil is a great method for quick dosing; within 10 minutes you will feel it’s effects. But we think it’s also perfect for new users because they can learn how different doses affect their body quickly and safely.

The term edible originates from the long history of baking cannabis extractions in fatty oils and butters. But don’t worry, CBD edibles don’t have any THC; we remove even trace amounts of the substance from all of our products.

For our purposes, an edible is any consumable food containing CBD, including brownies, chocolate bars, cookies and our popular item…the gummies.

Unlike CBD oil, you won’t feel the positive effects of edibles for one to two offers, the lengthy activation delay comes from your body’s first-pass metabolism. CBD must travel through your gut wall and liver before entering your bloodstream, and that process takes a little bit.

Having been absorb entirely through your live and gut wall, you’ll feel a more general body euphoria compared to CBD oil’s upfront effect. Neither feeling is better than the other; it all depends on what you’re after from CBD.

You don’t have to buy an edible either. There are tasty recipes you can cook up at home and they are delicious. But it may take a few attempts to get the hang of cooking with CBD. Also, nailing down how much CBD you’re ingesting per edible is tricky when you’re cooking it on your own.

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