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Looking to buy CBD oil in Austin? Pharm Organics offers the largest selection of CBD products at an affordable price. If it seems that CBD products are popping up everywhere, its because they are! We are just in the beginning phases of research on this amazing plant. If you are looking to buy CBD oil online but don’t know where to start, don’t panic. Our CBD experts here at Pharm Organics can explain where to find what you are looking for and information pertaining to CBD products online.

Your search for where to find CBD products in Austin is finally over! Pharm Organics is the industry leader of CBD products online. You never have to worry about the quality or price when you shop with us. And to put our money where our mouth is, we are offering all of our Austin customers 15% off their first order. Just use the coupon Austin15 and enter it at checkout. AND we give you fast & free shipping on every order. That’s how confident we are.

Pharm Organics CBD Products

So Why Choose Pharm Organics for all your CBD needs? Pharm Organics sets itself apart in the CBD industry by caring about our customers and our products. Our community of CBD users find that our products help them with increased mood levels, elevated health and wellness and also get a better night’s sleep. You may not find that with other companies. We’ve even got CBD salves and CBD roll ons that support healthy muscle and joint functions and mobility. Our customers have had nothing but positive review to say about them.

We are also 100% transparent with our products and our ingredients. We only use hemp grown under the Colorado sun from responsible, family farms in Colorado. We ensure every batch is tested for only the highest purity and quality. And then we test it again. If there are any traces of imperfections, metals, pesticides or anything else that would take away from its purity, we do not put it in our CBD products. If you’d like to know more about our CBD products and how we create such unique and effective products, check out our FAQ page. If you are looking for CBD information in general, you can check out our blog which we update regularly.

I’ve Heard of CBD But What Is It Exactly?

If you’ve been thinking to yourself that you’ve heard about CBD lately, but you readlly don’t know what it is, keep reading. CBD can be extracted from either hemp or marijuana plants. Both of these plants reside in the bigger cannabis plant family, but they have many differences in their makeup. CBD oil derived from hemp has extremely low levels of THC – the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that gets you high. All of Pharm Organics’ CBD has been rigorously tested and shows no levels of THC that are detectable. CBD oil that comes from marijuana contains a high amount of THC.

It’s important to distinguish between the two because if your state hasn’t allowed recreational or medical marijuana, you want to stay away from high levels of THC. If you don’t want to get high but are interested in CBD for its health benefits, we guarantee all our products will not get you high. And neither will our CBD pet products.

Still on the fence about choosing Pharm Organics CBD products? Keep reading below to find out what set us apart from the rest of the CBD industry. And why you should only trust Pharm Organics for all your CBD needs.

The Pharm Organics Difference

If you’re looking where to find CBD products in Austin, consider Pharm Organics. What makes us unqiue is that we go above and beyond for each customer and hand-craft our CBD products for sale. Whether you are looking for traditional CBD oils, edibles or CBD capsules, we’ve got something for everyone. We ensure our products are safely manufactured utilizing clean and sustainable CO2 extraction methods and we back up the results through our lab reports and verified third-party tests. You can take a look at them here.

We also offer a 30-day, money back guarantee on all our products so you can purchase with confidence.

Like we mentioned before, for a limited time, We are offering 15% discounts and free shipping to anyone from Austin who is looking to buy CBD products today. All you have to do is mention Austin15 once you have your order in checkout.

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