CBD Oil Side Effects: What CBD WILL (probably) do.

The 5-point breakdown, Part 2.

Be smart about what you take! Do you research and keep researching!

Alright! So you’re considering trying CBD for all the benefits you keep hearing about. But first you want to cover CBD side effects. With the whole world is talking about how good CBD is for you, you’re left wondering: Does CBD have any downsides?

Should you buy in to the idea that it’s a cure-all panacea? That’s exactly what we’re figuring out in this 2-part series!

Part 1 covered the ever-important “What CBD WON’T do” so today we’ll jumping right into the side effects of CBD oil.

Before we do, let’s cover a few things really quick:

With that, let’s get started!

Side effects of CBD Oil: What it WILL (probably) do.

1: CBD Oil might give you a dry mouth.

We’ve all heard of the dreaded cotton mouth. You may have even experienced it. Suddenly, you realize that you’ve lost all whistling ability. You don’t know exactly what happened, but your mouth is drier than the sahara in the summer. You need water.

While cotton mouth is more of an annoyance that a serious side-effect, it is commonly experienced side effect of CBD and worth mentioning, if not explaining.

2. The Endocannabinoid System

CBD and other cannabis compounds react with your Endocannabinoid system, a complex biological system that regulates everything from inflammation and anxiety to sleep patterns and appetite.

Additionally, your endocannabinoid system regulates your production of saliva.

As CBD is introduced into your body, it begins altering this system (for the better we say) However, sometimes this process leaves you in need of water.

You won’t be as dry as a full cannabis experience, where both THC and CBD are in play, but cotton mouth is a common side effect of CBD.

A perfect solution? Drink some H2O!

3: CBD Oil might make you sleepy

With all the anecdotal evidence we have out there, the most common side effect of CBD is almost always drowsiness. Especially those first couple times!

CBD seems to be a great way promote calming effects, some even taking it as a natural sleep-aid.

Typically, the higher the dose is, the more likely you are to experience this side effect of CBD.

Looking to avoid sleepiness? Start with a low-dose and work your way up! As always, be smart when trying a new substance such as CBD.

Product and Person: CBD Oil side effects based on the individual.

Although scientific testing on cannabis protects is just starting, hemp-based CBD testing has been conducted for years. In was a controlled settings, tests have even been done using up to 1500mg doses with no ill effects!

Overall, CBD is shown to be safe. Even better, we’re constantly learning about how effective it can be.

However, there is a few disclaimers. CBD is shown to interact with the P450 kidney enzyme, similar to grapefruit juice. Additionally, it should not be taken by pregnant women.

Actually, research is key to having a good CBD experience overall. Quality matters when it comes to CBD.

As we’ve shown over these two parts, CBD is safe and the side effects of CBD generally minimal. However, this doesn’t account for quality standards of producers or extraction processes.

Contaminations or “filler” ingredients can completely alter your experience, not for the better. When doing research into which CBD you should try, don’t jump into the first “on sale” posting you see.

Take some time to find a producer who is above the board about their process and even do 3rd party tests. The label of your CBD matters…but only if it’s accurate. Make sure you can trust it! That’s why we here at Pharm Organics are 100% transparent about our products so you know you are getting the quality you deserve. You can check out our lab reports here.

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