We’re in a revolution of wellness! Say goodbye to the days of doctors automatically jumping straight to prescription solutions. Now our culture is on the hunt for natural remedies, and all roads seem to be starting with CBD.

We’re all for holistic natural wellness. Yet we also applaud the cautious. Those who take their time and research CBD side effects before believing 100% of what they hear.

Side Effects of CBD Oil: Miraculous, not a panacea.

Caution from experience. Live in this world long enough and you quickly become aware of our cultural ability to get really excited about “the next big thing.”

This time around it’s CBD and everybody’s on the bandwagon, to various degrees. It ranges from children with severe epilepsy being treated with CBD to celebrities hosting CBD Themed Birthday Parties.
We at Pharm Organics are huge advocates for Cannabidiol — the miraculous non-psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis “CBD”. However, we stay aware of its limitations, avoiding the panacea effect.

That’s the word for supposed ‘cure-alls’

Panacea: A remedy for all ills or difficulties.

    A perfect solution with no drawbacks.

    (A disappointment waiting to happen)

While CBD probably won’t solve all of humanity’s problems and bring about world peace, both  research and anecdotal evidence suggest it has serious potential to do a lot of good!

The following article is for the more caution of you. We’re breaking down CBD’s side effects as a two part series: What it won’t do and what it (probably) will do.

Starting with:

Side effects of CBD Oil: What it won’t do.

1: CBD Oil won’t kill you. (Even at extreme doses)

Let’s get the big scary question out of the way. There’s little need to worry about the lethality of Cannabidiol — at 10mg OR 1000mg doses.Thanks in part to the Endocannabinoid System naturally existing in the human body, we as people are well equipped for what the cannabis plant has to offer.

Research done by The US National Library of Medicine have tested out doses as high as 1500 mg with no damage to the subject, physically or psychologically.

They even performed daily tests, varying doses up to 700 mg daily over a period of 6 weeks.

Same result, no issues.

For reference, a starter dose is recommended at 10 mg!!

Rest assured, there have been no documented cases of anyone overdosing on CBD Oil.


2: CBD Oil won’t get you high. (Just the opposite)

To this day, there isn’t one reported death from cannabis overdose. (If you know anybody who partakes, we’re sure you’ve heard that before.) But is that really the only thing to consider when trying a new substance, “it won’t kill you”?

We don’t think so.

Truthfully, a good percentage of the population just isn’t a big fan of the marijuana experience. Maybe they feel ‘slower’ or prefer an unadulterated perception of ‘reality’. However, most commonly, cannabis gives them anxiety.

For those interested in the medicinal properties of CBD and nothing else, we can assure you this. CBD will not get you high.

In fact, CBD can make you less high!

Listen to CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta share how the two main ingredients of cannabis (CBD and THC) are completely different. CBD works anti-psychoactive, inhibiting CB-receptors sensitive to the trippy THC molecules.

Furthermore, a lot of CBD oil products are made with hemp, a variation of the cannabis plant grown nationwide since the 2018 Farm Bill.

To be legally considered hemp, the product must remain below 0.3% THC. (Cannabis strains grown for “effect” range between 10%-25% THC) This Farm Bill Act, limiting THC, sets no limits on CBD % or other Cannabinoids because they aren’t psychoactive. And if you’re looking for THC Free, all of Pharm Organics CBD products do not contain THC whatsoever. We pride ourselves on providing our customers all natural, THC free CBD products.

Product and Person: CBD Oil side effects based on the individual.

Our foray into the CBD Oil side effects has begun!

You now know what CBD WON’T do…How about what it WILL do?

Studies done so far suggest that CBD side effects may include lower blood pressure, dry mouth, and drowsiness  To that we say: drink coffee, drink water, and if you’re that sleepy, take a nap!

You’re looking for more than that? We know, we know…

We’ll continuing our breakdown in Part 2.

CBD Oil Side Effects: What CBD will (probably) do.


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