You have a cat…but not just a normal run-of-the-mill cat. This kitty is a serious stress case — They’re unpredictable and unsociable with humans and other cats… that is when they’re scurrying somewhere far away! Maybe trying CBD for cats could help their stress?

With the normalization of Hemp and CBD that’s occurring, a lot of pet owners with CBD in their daily routine are looking at the small CBD Oil bottle in their hands — and the small stresy cat scampering around the house — and thinking to themselves, “Would CBD help my cat?” While CBD will certainly affect your cat’s endocannabinoid system, whether or not it would be beneficial requires a little more digging.

There’s #1 factor to keep in mind when trying CBD oil for cats.

No matter how a certain dose of CBD may feel in your system, it’s crucial to remember that YOUR PET IS VERY MUCH SMALLER THAN YOU ARE. Anecdotal reports from pet owners may suggest that CBD positively affects cats, however giving your cat too much CBD almost definitely won’t.

How much CBD should you give your cat?

As a general starting dose, 1mg for each 10 lbs your cat weighs is usually recommended. It’s also smart not to exceed 5 mg until you know how the specific product affects your cat. (The normal dose size for us much larger humans starts at 10mg)

While CBD Pet treats are available online and do make CBD time easy, we still prefer CBD oil with a dropper like PharmOrganics Pets CBD Oil Tincture. This gives pet owners more freedom in deciding exact CBD dosage.

There’s one more safety precaution for your cat..

While studies regarding CBD and pets suggest it’s well tolerated and safe, it’s important to note that THC (the psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant) is absolutely not safe for your dog or your cat.

PharmOrganic’s CBD products are Hemp-derived 100% THC Free and tested with the lab reports to back it up. Always request similar lab reports when buying a CBD product for you pet. Additionally make sure that your pets NEVER consume THC cannabis.

Ok let’s get started. What does the research say on CBD and cats?

As of September 2019, research on CBD and pets is limited to just a few studies. While these official studies suggest positive results, the American Veterinary Medical Association states that “the available scientific evidence pertaining to the use [of CBD] in animals is currently limited.”

Alongside this, it’s important to note that most studies were done on CBD and dogs, such as this Cornell University study demonstrating how CBD Hemp Oil might help aged Osteoarthritic dogs.

An additional study by Colorado State University showed CBD to be “well tolerated” in dogs, and was called “very promising” by lead researchers. 

More research will reveal more answers as just this year, a California bill was passed allowing veterinarians to discuss CBD usage for their pets. This is the legal response to the 63% of vets who say clients ask about CBD monthly, if not daily!

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How Much CBD Should I Take?

What happens to cats when you give them CBD?

Pets like your cat share a similarity to us humans beyond our love of exploring outside and/or/especially chilling on the couch. We all have an internal system known as the ECS or Endocannabinoid System.

This means your cat is sensitive to plant-grown phytocannabinoids like CBD. Introduced into the human ECS, CBD seems to help keep it regulated and balanced, with thousands of daily users saying it improves their stress levels and overall well being.

The FDA is still waiting on more officially verified evidence to give a seal of approval, however studies are in process and leaning positive. The first CBD derived treatment was recently FDA approved with Epidiolex treating the seizures of those suffering from Lennox-Gastaut or Dravet syndrome.

Would CBD work for my Cat with seizures?

In an unofficial experiment done by, an 18 year old cat suffering from seizures was carefully given CBD for a report..

After less than two week on CBD, “Maple the Cat” was down from two seizures a day to one seizure every two days. Leafly stated that CBD was “not miraculous but seemingly helpful” and it also seemed to help Maple’s appetite and activity level. You can read the whole article here.

Is CBD the best way to help my cat’s stress level?

A lot of pet owners immediately recommend CBD as the solution to your cat’s stress, however  please take your time in deciding. It’s best to consider a checklist of possibilities before giving any new substance to your pet.

First, we recommend that you see if there’s other solvable issues that may be giving your cat stress. Changing these external factors could help your pet’s internal state. This could be anything from designing a more calming environment, to making sure their diet isn’t causing stomach distress.

Second, we suggest consulting your vet before giving your cat CBD. While they may support your choice with success stories from other patients, they also might be able to catch underlying health factors causing your cat’s stress. 

Finally, if all clears and you would still like to try CBD for your cat, then we recommend a 3 step process:

#1 Start with 1-5 mg depending on your pet’s size. Use the dropper to mix a small amount of CBD with water then administer it orally.

#2 See how your cat reacts. A sedated effect is not desired and a sign that you probably gave them too much. For real changes in their Endocannabinoid System it takes about a week to see the effects.

#3 After this time, increase or decrease the mg content depending on results. You’ll know the CBD is working when your cat seems generally more relaxed (not sedated) with more regular social interactions and eating habits.

As always, make sure your cat is getting a product you can trust, with a verified amount of CBD and no extra junk! If you’re looking for the best cbd oil, You can find out exactly what PharmOrganic’s Pet CBD Products are made of in our official lab reports.

Is our CBD helping your pet’s stress levels?

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