Dogs. You gotta love ‘em.

They’re our best friends. The hiking buddy on active days and the cuddle companion on lazy ones. The loyal sidekick and occasionally, they deal with the same stress we do.

Today we’re going to talk about CBD dog treats, what we’ve found on natural solutions to your pet’s stress and whether or not your should buy CBD dog treats online.

Have you ever been feeling down and your pup picks up on it? 

As they come cuddle up, everything suddenly feels better. Somehow pets have this 6th sense, noticing when we’re not doing so great. 

They’re always there for us, ready to help out any way they can.

Shouldn’t we be quick to return the favor? 

What stresses your dog out?

Maybe it’s something like the vet or an unexpected stranger at the door. Maybe it’s something more serious like ageing or (the always terrifying) Fourth of July fireworks.

Studies have shown that our favorite pets (yup) experience anxiety similar to humans.

While an anxious dog may be more prone to barking, panting, and…urinating on the floor than anxious people, it’s clear that anxiety isn’t enjoyable for anyone involved.

More and more, people are turning to the to CBD so it’s no surprise that people are beginning to wonder if their stressed companions could find relief from anxiety with CBD hemp dog treats or CBD Oil online.

So why should you give CBD dog treats to your anxious pet?

For starters, the cannabinoid CBD has been used for centuries as a calming agent. From head pain to an overworked mind, consider it an ancient remedy to the stresses of life.

Science is finally catching up, and research suggests that CBD works as a fantastic anxiolytic.

We could go on nearly forever about how CBD oil online fits within our internal systems and amazingly regulates pain, appetite, and mood. For more details, we’ll direct you to the complete Pharm Organics blog.

But this leaves us wondering..

Does CBD affect dogs the same as humans?

All signs — including anecdotal evidence — point to yes, however we’re still waiting on official research to give a definitive answer. 

Actually there’s one very interesting AKC study we’re keeping a close eye on. (We’ll bring it up in a sec.)

Until then, here’s what we know so far..

How Do CBD Dog Treats Affect Your Pet?

#1 Dogs have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) like we do.

In fact all animals have an endocannabinoid system. And it’s been that way for a verrryyyy long time.

The oldest instance of an animal with cannabinoid receptors?

It was called the “Sea-Squirt” and existed over 600 million years ago. Don’t believe us? Read about it for yourself.

So would something like an octopus benefit from a handful of CBD softgels

..No comment.

However we do know is that the canine ECS works similarly to us humans. That means your dog’s endocannabinoid system is likely involved in the regulation of inflammation, mood, and….anxiety.

#2 Assuming the canine ECS works like ours, dogs would benefit from CBD.

The way CBD affects the body, with a minimal amount of side-effects, is borderline miraculous.

If CBD dog treats affected your pet the same as your daily CBD dosage, you would see improvements in their mood and overall wellbeing.

Ask any CBD advocate slash loving pet owner and you’ll find no shortage of positive reports; A furry friend’s thunderstorm terrors or firework frenzies calmed by a drop or two of CBD oil.

That brings us to the 2019 Cornell study and the American Kennel Club..

#3 Research on CBD and Dogs is looking positive

Watch this 3 minute video on CSU’s study on treating arthritic dogs with CBD

As Dr. Dure explains it, there’s not enough research for vets to confidently recommend CBD. However it’s now part of the client/veterinarian conversation in California thanks to research and interest around CBD dog treats for pain.

The most convincing study so far? Check out this 2018 study done by Cornell University.

After administering CBD Hemp Oil to Osteoarthritic dogs, a decrease in pain and increase in physical activity was shown. 

So pretty much the ideal outcome!

Related to the video above, a study done by CSU also found that 89% of dogs administered CBD Oil showed a reduction in seizures

Dr. Stephanie McGrath, neurologist, called the results of this clinical trial “very promising.”

Additionally a CSU study done by the same neurologist found CBD to be overall well-tolerated in healthy dogs.

And What About the American Kennel Club?

They are interested, or you could say, invested. 

Hoping to find out the truth behind CBD oil for dogs and epilepsy, the AKC recently began investment into a major double-blinded clinical trial.

A study of this size could change public opinion for good. Currently it’s still in the candidate search phase.

Wrapping up with a few things to note.

As always, we recommend talking to your doctor (or vet) before switching any medications. Also never give your pet cannabis that includes THC as they won’t handle it well.

Remember your dog is a lot smaller than you

If you’re considering giving your canine compatriot CBD oil for anxiety, noise phobia, or a related issue, it’s best to start with a low dose.

That’s why Pharm Organics’ CBD Dog Treats is the perfect option!

Lab-tested — also labrador-tested — they come in a serving size of 2 mg of CBD each.

We can also recommend Pharm Organics’ 500mg Pet CBD Oil.

Keep these CBD Hemp Dog Treats handy and feed your fuzzy freakazoid one whenever you anticipate an anxious episode!

His canine system balanced by hemp derived CBD and chomping on a tasty beef-flavor that’s completely THC-free, he’ll be chilled out in no time!

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